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AB Sima - Södertälje, Sweden

Manufacturer Name AB Sima
City Södertälje
Country Sweden
Years Active 1922-1940

About AB Sima

AB Sima is followed by AB Sima. The plot south of the Tobacco Monopoly is sold by Olof Ohlsson and his wife in 1924 to AB Sima — represented by Olof Ohlsson (!). AB Sima was probably started on March 4, 1922, as an article of association for that year is noted. According to telephone directories, in 1924 Ohlssons Motoraktiebolag (telegram address Sima) was located at Wahrendorffsgatan 6 in Stockholm and then from 1926 at no. 4 until 1928. They sell Sima - which is the former name Amis backwards - which is probably manufactured in Södertälje in the premises bought by Sima on Skogsgatan 3 where there were some simpler buildings. The Stockholm operation is probably just a sales office. Ohlsson obviously leads the business. From this it can be concluded that Amis was manufactured from 1911 first by Ohlssons Motorfabrik, then Motokultur and Ohlssons Motoraktiebolag until about 1923, after which production continued under the name Sima on a smaller scale. According to a listing in the company register in 1935, manager Gustav Lundqvist is manager after Ohlsson's death in 1930. But the profit in 1935 was zero, no dividend had been paid since at least 1930, the equity amounts to only SEK 193 but the share capital is SEK 232,600. Production probably continues after 1930 on an even smaller scale until 1940 when the Tobacco Monopoly buys their property, after which AB Sima disappears from the telephone directory and presumably ceases. Text: Olle Gustafsson, Södertälje.

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