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Hot Bulb and Cude Oil Engines

Statistics - Hot Bulb Engines

Here have we collected some interesting statistics about the engines in the database.

Statistics on all engines

The statistics change as new engines are added to the database. More statistics will come as the number of engines increases. You can click on the links in the statistics and the search function will look up these engine objects for you. Smooth and simple. Tips are welcome for other types of statistics.

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Number of manufacturers

Showing how many engeines there are from each manufacturer.

Manufacturer Number of engines
Målilla Mekaniska Verkstad 2
Blackstone & Co. 2
N. A. Beijers Mekaniska Verkstad 2
R. A. Lister and Company 2
AB Kristdala Motorfabrik Krimo 2
Burmeister & Wain (B&W) 1
Henry Bamford and Sons 1
Storebro Bruk AB 1
AB Jönköpings Motorfabrik 1
AB Sandbäckens Verkstäder 1
Mietz & Weiss Engine Co. 1
Ruston Proctor and Co. 1

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