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Hot Bulb and Cude Oil Engines

Photos of stationary engines

Photo gallery of all stationary hot bulb and crude oil engines.

Photo Gallery

Each engine that has a main photo added, gets a place in the gallery.

AB Kristdala Motorfabrik Krimo, Krimo 37 hp from 1935 R. A. Lister and Company, Lister 3 hp from 1926 Henry Bamford and Sons, Bamford 4 hp from 1940 R. A. Lister and Company, Lister 6 hp from 1915 Burmeister & Wain (B&W), Alpha 100 hp from 1953 AB Jönköpings Motorfabrik, June-Munktell 80 hp from 1934 Målilla Mekaniska Verkstad, Målilla BRB 35 hp from 1938 AB Kristdala Motorfabrik Krimo, Champion 16 hp from 1929 N. A. Beijers Mekaniska Verkstad, Beijers 25 hp from 1939

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