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Hot Bulb and Cude Oil Engines

Photos of stationary engines

Photo gallery of all stationary hot bulb and crude oil engines.

Photo Gallery

Each engine that has a main photo added, gets a place in the gallery.

Mietz & Weiss Engine Co., Mietz & Weiss 1 hp from 1903 AB Kristdala Motorfabrik Krimo, Krimo 37 hp from 1935 R. A. Lister and Company, Lister 3 hp from 1926 Henry Bamford and Sons, Bamford 4 hp from 1940 R. A. Lister and Company, Lister 6 hp from 1915 Burmeister & Wain (B&W), Alpha 100 hp from 1953 AB Jönköpings Motorfabrik, June-Munktell 80 hp from 1934 Målilla Mekaniska Verkstad, Målilla BRB 35 hp from 1938 AB Kristdala Motorfabrik Krimo, Champion 16 hp from 1929

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