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Ohlssons Motoraktiebolag - Södertälje, Sweden

Manufacturer Name Ohlssons Motoraktiebolag
City Södertälje
Country Sweden
Years Active 1911-1918

About Ohlssons Motoraktiebolag

Ohlssons Motorfabrik In 1903, Olof Ohlsson moves to a newly built villa at Östra Mälarehamnen in Södertälje. A small factory building was added and operated here first Ohlssons Motorfabrik probably started in 1911 and began manufacturing spark plug engines. According to Telgebygden 2022/1, the most expensive spark plug engine cost SEK 4,800, equivalent to around SEK 240,000 today, and was sold, among others, by Nillson & Luthman in Södertälje. The engine was called Amis and was produced with between 2 and 32 horsepower. If you could get it started, it would run on anything, e.g. castor oil, paraffin. It was found on many farms around the country that operated threshers, saws, separators and in forges bellows. AB Motokultur. According to the telephone directory, Ohlsson became workshop manager for AB Motokultur in 1912 as 1913-04 -21 took over Ohlsson's Motorfabrik in Södertälje including the factory property. Motokultur based in Stockholm at Drottninggatan 11 with director G W Wahlenius, tried to manufacture cultivators of S A Ekehorn's design with Ami engines, but no series production started. Motokultur goes bankrupt as early as 1915. Ohlssons Motoraktiebolag. Although Motokultur disappeared, on 19-09-19 Ohlssons Motoraktiebolag appeared in the register of limited companies and this limited company bought Sima's properties with the factory premises at executive auction in July 1915. Ohlsson's business idea was excellent and production was running at full capacity. As can be seen from the picture below, additional large workshop space was built in 1917 at Östra Mälarehamnen, which more than doubled the previous factory area. There are claims that Ohlsson's Motoraktiebolag went bankrupt around 1918, but no entries are found in Södertälje's bankruptcy book, it could be a mix-up with Motokultur. On the contrary, Ohlsson expands in 1917. But electricity with electric motors had arrived and worsened the market for stationary spark plug motors. Motoraktiebolaget sells the factory to the Tobacco Monopoly in 1923. Ohlssons Motoraktiebolag is then followed by AB Sima.

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