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J. V. Svensons Automobilfabrik - Stockholm, Sweden

Manufacturer Name J. V. Svensons Automobilfabrik
City Stockholm
Country Sweden
Years Active 1900-1937

About J. V. Svensons Automobilfabrik

Johan Victor Svenson born in 1863, died in 1938, became known as a Swedish industrialist. The car industry went like the train around the world, and J.V. Svenson decided to create the car company "J.V. Svensons Automobilfabrik" in Stockholm. Even before the plans to build cars, Johan was an established entrepreneur and had a large market with his Primus blow lamps, in the company "J.V. Svensons Fotogenköksfabrik" - later Primus AB. The car plans fell through due to the rapid development, and they instead invested in the manufacture of kerosene engines - a precursor to the spark plug engine. It became a successful business idea, and the engines with the brand name "Avance" became known throughout the world for their reliability and quality. In 1904, e.g. motorfabriken deliver a solid 200 hp engine to the Swedish Navy's first submarine named "Hajen". It is estimated that over three thousand boats had an engine from Avance, in Sweden alone. From 1907 the company was called "AB J.V.Svensons Motorfabrik", and after a reconstruction in 1922 by the owner Handelsbanken, the company was named "AB Avancemotor".

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