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Krimo 37 hp from 1935

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Krimo 37 hp

Krimo 37 hp Engine Details

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Engine Data

Manufacturer AB Kristdala Motorfabrik Krimo
Model Krimo
Horsepower 37 hp (27 591 watts)
Year of manufacturer 1935 (89 years old)
Unique engine number 1689
Made in Sweden
Engine type Transportable

Engine Description

This engine was replaced by a Scania truck engine in a saw mill, when the big end bearing had melted due to lubrication fault. The engine has the option to change the RPM and get 35 or 37 horsepower.

Owner and location

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Engine Photo of Krimo 37 hp - 1935

Krimo 37 from 1935

Video on YouTube - Running a really big KRIMO 37 hp Crude Oil engine from 1935

Running a huge KRIMO 37 horsepower Crude Oil engine from 1935.

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