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Beijers 25 hp from 1939

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Beijers 25 hp

Beijers 25 hp Engine Details

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Engine Data

Manufacturer N. A. Beijers Mekaniska Verkstad
Model Beijers
Horsepower 25 hp (18 642 watts)
Year of manufacturer 1939 (85 years old)
Unique engine number 2544
Made in Sweden
Engine type Transportable

Engine Description

Was a power source for a small saw mill in southern Sweden during the 40s.

Owner and location

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Engine Photo of Beijers 25 hp - 1939

Beijers 25 from 1939

Video on YouTube - 1939 Hot Bulb Oil Engine 25 horsepower

Testing running the crude oil engine backwards. It's quite easy to change rotation on them. Here we call them "transportable" engines, when mounted on to a trolley. The idea was to transport them between the farms, and to do various jobs, like crushing stones (stone crusher), threshing, saw logs among other things. These bigger engines were more common in saw mills.

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