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Hot Bulb and Cude Oil Engines

FAQ about stationary Crude Oil and Hot Bulb Engines.

Here you find frequently asked questions and answers about stationary engines like crude oil and hot bulb. It's most common with questions of a technical nature, but also where to find spare parts and companies that can manufacture new spare parts. If your question is missing, you are welcome to contact us and ask.

Engine frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is my hot bulb engine difficult to start?

The most common reasons why an engine is difficult to start are the following. 1. You have air in the fuel system. Make sure to bleed the system and that all your check valves are really tight (very important). 2. The bulb is not hot enough, it should normally be dark red before you try to start. Check that your flame from the blowtorch or gas oil is not too close or too far from the ball when heating. Heat for at least 10 minutes. 3. Your hot bulb may be sooty inside, causing the soot to insulate the heat and make it difficult to ignite the diesel.

The engine runs better and smoother backwards?

This can happens when the hot bulb is not hot enough. The engine can't run or stops completely, when you want to reverse it's rotation. Heat up the hot bulb more and then try reverse the rotation again.

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