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Sandbäcken 8 hp from 1925

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Sandbäcken 8 hp

Sandbäcken 8 hp Engine Details

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Engine Data

Manufacturer AB Sandbäckens Verkstäder
Model Sandbäcken
Horsepower 8 hp (5 966 watts)
Year of manufacturer 1925 (99 years old)
Unique engine number 1116
Made in Sweden
Engine type Transportable

Engine Description

A very rare Swedish and sought after engine. Four stroke hit and miss, running och kerosine. Open crank. All original condition.

Owner and location

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Engine Photo of Sandbäcken 8 hp - 1925

Sandbäcken 8 from 1925

Video on YouTube - Starting a Hit and Miss Kerosene Engine Herkules 8 hp from 1925

Sandbäcken made in Katrineholm, Sweden.

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